Feltre School

The Feltre School will be moving on April 1, and will not be offering courses for the remainder of this academic year.  If you wish to add your name to our mailing list and be informed of our new location and schedule for the fall, please email your name to info@feltre.org.

Thank you.

Welcome to Chicago's premiere institution for the study of the traditional language arts. Whether you are interested in communicating more clearly and concisely, or you wish to understand the reasons behind the rules of English -- the architecture and logic of the language -- you have come to the right place. We offer the very finest instruction in English grammar, composition, public speaking, and more.

The Feltre School is a nonprofit private and independent school that provides returning adult students the opportunity to enrich their lives, to advance in their professions, and to participate more fully in their communities, by developing the critical habits of mind that come from a solid and steady study of courses grounded in traditional grammar, logic, and rhetoric.

People who study at Feltre share a common belief that one achieves intellectual excellence through a serious study of the liberal arts, offered at the School in the form of courses, lectures, symposia, reading groups, and cultural events. So whether you wish to vastly improve your communication skills in one of our intensive grammar and writing courses, or would like to discuss great works of literature with others, Feltre's small classes and warm and inviting atmosphere make it an ideal place for you to pursue a life of the mind.

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